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The Luxe Collection

Add elegance to your look, and feel empowered with our collection of Luxe Masks. 


Tammy S. Harrison is a native New Yorker, designing and making well-crafted apparel in the heart of the city that never sleeps.

Tammy has always followed her passion in the fashion industry by designing for women who work hard and play hard. 

Tammy has traveled the globe in search of the latest trends in silhouettes and fabrics. Her worldly curiosity is infused in her designs, resulting in products that evoke positivity and inclusivity for all.

During the COVID pandemic, against all odds, she was driven to start her own clothing company, by Tammy S. Her mission is to reinvent herself as an entrepreneur and make clothes that empower others to do the same. Tammy is thrilled to join the strong, creative tapestry of New York artists in the effort to support one another and raise their potential!

 “I want women to feel empowered by what they wear. What you wear makes all the difference in how you feel and how you feel makes all the difference in how you act. I want my clothes and accessories  to make you connect with how badass and powerful you truly are whether you’re working out, going out, or hanging out. by Tammy S. is all about making clothes, scrunchies and masks for people who work hard, play hard and want to feel fierce doing both!”

Tammy's message is to feel empowered and spread lve!